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Lead UI Designer


UI Designer
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My role

‍UI / UX Designer

Designing user interfaces and experiences for children means using bright colors, big buttons, and creating an easy flow that children can follow and understand if left to their own devices.

As the lead UI/UX designer, I led the design of a variety of interfaces for more than 12+ HTML5 games, applications, and connected toys. I designed logical interface hierarchies, typography, consistent color schemes, and created user interface design patterns to ensure designs we're intuitive, accessible, and kid-friendly.



Our client's customer base online and at retail was growing - therefore, so was the need for improving the user experience.

Heuristic research led us to conduct a full visual and content site audit, which showed us various areas that needed improvement.


The goal was to increase our clients' brand awareness, grow their eCommerce business, and drive retail traffic.
Little Tikes Cook n Learn
Little Tikes Cook n Learn

main menu

Little Tikes Cook n Learn

game menu

Little Tikes Cook ‘n Learn Smart Kitchen hit store shelves for the 2016 holiday season and has since been a huge hit, selling out on Amazon twice in the first few months.

I created the UI + UX for the Little Tikes Cook N’ Learn application. The app is interactive and connects to a physical play kitchen that teaches kids where food comes from (plant to plate). Kids can create their favorite dishes accompanied by an adorable Carrot mascot.

Little Tikes Builder
Little Tikes Builders Landing Screen

start screen

Little Tikes Play Scene

animation for completed task

After the Smart Kitchen app's great success, Little Tikes wanted to create a new application called Smart Builder. It also connects to a physical "tool bench."

This interactive app helps kids build cars using the tool bench and play equipment. I focused on making the application as playful and gender-neutral as possible to encourage both girls + boys to explore the workbench.