A product designer based in NY.


Currently residing in NY
Open to full-time remote opportunities
Open to occasional travel


SUNY Buffalo 14'
BFA in Communication Design




I'm a Product Designer who has 8+ years of experience, including strategy, user research, experience design, and prototyping. I have experience in but not limited to beauty and wellness, kids and family, and non-profits industries.

I enjoy problem-spotting, problem-solving, and providing excellent results. I love to learn anything and everything about design + technology.

I get excited thinking about how e-commerce will continue to evolve and revolutionize our shopping experiences.

In my next role, I want to continue helping B2B, B2C, and SaaS industries communicate better with their clients and customers while also providing beautiful and cohesive user experiences.

  • I have the Oculus Quest VR system, and enjoyed the experience so much that I learned how to create a virtual reality portfolio prototype.

  • My previous team won over four awards in various categories, including branding, digital marketing, and packaging for Amazing Lash Studios.

  • I love no-code ( I do, however, know front-end coding) and have developed several websites using Webflow, including this one!


I love tacos, sesame chicken, and deep-fried cordon bleu crepes. 💅🏽